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Voluntopia is a microvolunteering (volunteering in convenient, bite-sized chunks) iOS app for busy millenials that encourages them to participate more frequently in activism.

Statistically, millenials volunteer less than any other demographic group. My job was to build a volunteering aggregator app that encourages them to volunteer through microvolunteering opportunities (convenient, bite-sized chunks) that also allows for social networking.


Voluntopia iOS App

what i did

UX/UI Design
IA Optimization
Competitive Analysis

Desirabilty Testing
Usability Testing

Design System


UX/UI Designer


Filtering and Sorting for Ease

Voluntopia accommodates its busy millenial user by allowing them to easily and effectively search for an opportunity that meets their time limits and availability, as well as the opportunity to filter by: distance, number of competions, and stars awarded. Tags are also used to sort opportunities.


Finding a microvolunteering opportunity with Voluntopia


Unadorned and Objective

Voluntopia is a unique app within the volunteering space. Not only does it allow for a variety of volunteering opportunities with various organizations, but it also provides visual space and presence for the volunteering to take center stage. No distracting UI here.


Visual Concepting

After completing market research and a competive analysis, I created 3 divergent concepts (both moodboards and style tiles) and executed over 6 hours of desirability testing with representative millenial target users of Voluntopia. The most popular tile is below.

The Winner


Unadorned, Objective, Focused.


A design system

Voluntopia’s visual design system was heavily influenced by the app’s concept: objective, focused and unadorned for a straightforward user experience—where the volunteering experience is the ultimate focus. This was also embraced by users in testing. I delivered the final design sytem via Zeplin.


Future Considerations

01/ Potential Roadblock

Voluntopia relies on existing associations to offer its users volunteering associations. Some of those associations already have their own platforms: integrating their experience v. routing users to different applications will have to be carefully considered.

02/ What's in a Name

Users had conflicting opinions about Voluntopia’s name; further exploration is recommended to determine alternatives.

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