Personalized workouts and nutrition for millennials


RecLand is a health and fitness app and corresponding responsive marketing site targeted towards millenials that provides its users with both personalized workouts and nutrition based on their individual needs. 

There are so many workout apps on the market these days, but few that personalize workouts and nutrition advice in one place. My job was to simplify and streamline RecLand’s UX and UI and explore ways to incorporate wellness into the experience while making it stand out in a saturated marketplace.



RecLand iOS App

what i did

UX/UI Design
IA Optimization
Competitive Analysis

Desirabilty Testing
Usability Testing

Design System


UX/UI Designer


A Different Look and Feel

RecLand doesn’t look like a typical fitness app—and that’s purposeful. Based on my competitive analysis, I discovered there was an opportunity for a fitness app that incorporated serif fonts and a calming color palette. It’s just another way that RecLand stands out amongst its peers.



A Different Brand and Tone

RecLand aims to allow its users to incorporate wellness and fitness as part of their everyday lives. It has an uplifting and encouraging brand voice and tone to speak to its users. It’s fitness... but the comforting, nice kind.


Personalizing RecLand to your needs

a marketing site to match

I created a responsive marketing site highlighting RecLand's compelling features it offers to its potential users. 


A Design System

To ensure consistency across both the marketing site and the app, I completed a scaleable design system for RecLand.

Visual Concepts

After completing a competive analysis, I created 2 divergent concepts (both moodboards and style tiles). I moved forward with the style tile inspired by ancient Greece and the Olympic Games.

The Winner


RecLand was inspired by the textures and history of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of sport and the Olympic Games. RecLand’s ethos of “fitness as a leisure activity’ also comes from Ancient Greece’s rich and storied history. 


The Runner Up


Future Consideration

01/ RecLand... or something else?

Users had conflicting opinions about RecLand’s name; further exploration is recommended to determine alternatives.

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