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Action Design Network is a national non-profit at the intersection all things behavioral design. Their brand and digital experience needed to better match their impressive presence and industry position.

Their main goal was to improve traffic and access to their bread and butter, Events, while overhauling their branding to stand out within the behavioral science space. 

Over a period of 3 weeks, I designed a responsive web presence prioritizing access to their Events that leverages compelling imagery and just enough levity and whimsy. ADN is now at once at home amongst their behavioral science counterparts and will be remembered for their uniqueness.


Action Design Network

what i did

UX/UI Design
IA Optimization
Competitive Analysis

Desirabilty Testing
Usability Testing

Design System


UX/UI Designer

Use the slider to see the before and after.


Events, prioritized

As ADN’s principle activity—and the most likely entry point to the site for users—I optimized the nav and IA and gave ADN both a separate Events page, filtering and labels for users to find events most relevant to them (including virtual), and an Events Detail Page prior to being sent to Meetup.


An updated, dedicated events flow



Profesionnal, Memorable.

With compelling imagery and just enough levity and whimsy, ADN is at once at home amongst their behavioral science counterparts and will be remembered for their uniqueness.


Visual Concepts

After a proto persona client workshop, I created 3 divergent concepts and executed over 6 hours of desirability testing with different representative end users and members. The most popular style tile was the foundation for the site.

The Winner


The Absurd and the Surreal


Runner Ups


Brain, Patterns and Connection: Style Tile


Man's quest to know himself: Style Tile

A Design System

User and client feedback led me to establish a visual design system. Its application began to bring the site to life. The final design sytem was delivered via Zeplin.


Future Considerations

01/ Continue to Validate the UX

It was clear over 20 hours of interviews that there were still some pain points in terms of heirarchy and IA. More exploration is needed to continue to refine their IA structure and validate with usability testing.

02/ Copy is King

Users clearly indicated their desire for a familiar, more informal brand voice and tone throughout this project. I was able to make small, impactful tweaks to the copy of the wireframes to users’ delight. A future consideration would be to collaborate with a copywriter and content strategist to continue to develop their brand voice.

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